Thursday, December 4, 2014

La blurry

Not just la though - the past few weeks have been a lovely blur of friends old and new and I travelled around the various studios and screenings in California , at Pixar, pdi , Sony, titmouse, Nickelodeon,dreamworks and Laika plus various asifa and academy screenings ! It was a blast over all and I met so many animation superstars it's hard to mention them all - the fellow fans out there will recognise the greats in the selfies below.
A special shout out to the fearless Jamie kezlarian Bolio   who took good care of me the whole trip , driving around and introducing me to all these fine folks.

We recently heard we were honoured with no less than 7 Annie nominations so it seems like a posse of is will be out California way again in the new year ;-) 

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