Monday, November 11, 2013



Adrien and I visited Frederikstad for a couple of days last week to present some of our work in progress, it was a busy couple of days as Bruno Coulais the composer was sending us music demos and compositing from Serge Umes team still needed to be checked but we managed to work and still enjoy the festival. It was fantastic to see some if the composited images on the big screen - I took a couple of snaps with the iphone but because we showed so much of the artwork from the film we asked the audience not to record our presentation for fear of spoiling the story so far ahead of the release. 

Next week Im doing a video link up with CTN in LA to make a similar presentation - hopefully it will all go towards creating a good buzz for the film amongst animators and animation fans.
It will be live streamed online too anyone can watch ...

We were lucky enough to have "the king of indy animation" in the audience , Bill Plympton , whose new movie Cheating looks really impressive . Also we met Benjamin Renner of Ernest and Celestine as well as  some old friends from the Norwegian animation scene - my old college pal Olve and Yaprak from Frame by Frame where we did one of our first WIP presentations of Kells back in 2008.
We met many new friends and saw some impressive footage from a new stop motion Norwegian feature film.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ode to Denmark

A late ode to our friends in Noerlum who are busy finishing some of the hardest acting sequences in the film at the moment.

Heres some photos from a trip to viborg fabian and i took some weeks ago -

Many of the crew have already finished up but theres still a big portion of the climatic sequences to be animated by remaining team - may your fingers and wrists stay strong and may your cintiqs never crash my friends!