Friday, November 30, 2012

The Movie Show

here you can catch (for the next 28 days only!) the segment we were featured in for the Movie Show on RTE 2.

Some nice behind the scenes footage ;-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

More recording photos

Brendan Gleeson was amazing as Conor, he really helped us deepen our understanding of the character and even make some decisions about his animated performance as well.

Lucy enjoys her treats after a hard days work singing and acting!
Little Lucy O'Connell was lovely as Saoirse today.

Heres some more photos from the last sessions....

Lisa and I consider her Selkie self

Colm O Snodaigh. liam Hourican , Pat Shortt - Na Daoine Sidhe

Colm, Pat and me

Kairen, Nora, Colm, Liam, me , Will and Pat

Pat Shortt

Here I am pretending to be all directory by pointing randomly

Kairen, Lisa, me and Colm on the phone

Watching the animatic

will, nora and Lisa under the teary gaze of Bronach

Brendan Gleeson

Will, Nora, David , me, Brendan and Kairen

Brendan Gleeson

Lisa Hannigan

Brendan considers his character

Me showing Lisa some of the artwork for her charcater

Pat Shortt and Will Collins deep in thought

Producer Paul Young and Pat Shortt

Kairen, Nora,Colm,Liam,me,Will,Pat and Paul

Lisa mesmerizes us all with the Song of the Sea

In the middle of it all BI am interviewed for a Tv show about upcoming movies

a happy voice director

Colm was fantastic at helping the actors with the lyrics he wrote and the musical sequences.

Lucy sings beautifully

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Songs of the Sea

Last week we recorded the Song of the Sea with Lisa Hannigan and some of the other songs and characters with Pat Shortt , Colm O'Snodaigh and Liam Hourican.

Tommorow we record Brendan Gleeson as Conor and some more Ben scenes with David Rawle, on Friday its the younger version of Ben and of course little Saoirse.

Inbetween all this , we are moving ahead with finalising the animatic, designs and creating key backgrounds as we wind up for full production in January.

Brian from Hobsoft is here helping us get our production pipeline well in place and we have a great team working away on the modelsheets, animation tests etc.

Our old comrade Jeremy Purcell will visit on Friday to begin to design the handdrawn Sfx.
Today we have broken down with Serge Ume the composisting work needed to create all the water, wind, fire and magic needed to tell the story.

We had a big coproducers meeting yesterday to try and figure out how we are going to pull off this ambitous project with our limited budget and short schedule.
Jeremy from Superprod in Paris, Stefan from Studio 352 in Luxembourg, Frederik from Noerlum in Viborg, Denmark and Serge from Digital Graphics in Belgium were all in attendance.
I showed them the latest storyboard sequences and we discussed the worksplit and schedule in detail with Thibaut Ruby our line producer extraordinaire.
Its going to be  a challenging adventure with all our creativity being called upon to pull it off.

But with such lovely voices recorded and a storyreel I am more and more confident in I feel its an adventure well worth taking.