Friday, January 25, 2013

Home from France

Just on the bus back to Kilkenny after an interesting couple of days in France.
Yesterday we saw a lot of our bgs on the big screen and some animation tests. We had a lot to discuss but overall they looked pretty good I think. The rough tvpaint line instead of clean up on the animation is looking well though we do need to make some adjustments here and there to pull it off. Overall I think it gives a warmth and vitality to the film to have animators drawings on screen flickering and boiling slightly.
The fx are coming together too .
The schedule and deadline are stringent so we are really pushing now to test and make strong decisions about each technique and process.

Today i watched the animatic with Colm from Kila , Bruno Coulais and our sound designer Ben . It was a chance to discuss the music cues and sound design so Bruno can begin writing Demos for key moments in the film.

On the plane home i met our old comrade Andrejz Radka , a great animator who did some of the most beautifully drawn scenes on The Secret of Kells , he is joining out team on Monday and i am looking forward to working with him again.

It was great to catch up on a lot of what the old team from Kells are up to now in France. It sounds like Remi Chayes film Long way North is heading towards production and I am really excited to see what he will produce.

To continue a tradition from my days of blogging about my travels for the secret of kells , may i heartily recommend Le potager du marais , an excellent restaurant that serves delicious french cuisine that just happens to be vegan ;-)

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