Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sounds of the Sea

Had a lovely day here on the Dingle penisula recording some sounds with our intrepid sound designer Felix Davin. Yesterday he was out and about too while I presented some work in progress clips at the Dingle Film Festival . 
Such a beautiful place - it inspired both Song of the Sea and Puffin Rock many years ago. Cant believe how long its bern since the last visit. 
I think this dip back into the peace and beauty of the westcoast will sustain and inspire us thru the long days in dark rooms doing the sound design and mixing.


  1. These cliffs are beautiful!
    Can't wait to hear that!

  2. Did the dolphin make any sounds that day?

    I enjoy this blog, as I enjoyed your Blog of Kells. I am the sort of viewer who plays the "making-ofs" and all the extras on a DVD. I am fascinated to have a glimpse at the people behind your productions and all the work that goes into the film we see. As you marshal your international army of filmmakers for another campaign to conquer the world's theaters, may good fortune be with you.


Hi thanks for commenting I really appreciate hearing from readers of the blog