Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Studio 352

The lovely people from Studio 352 , plus me , adrien, Stuart and Fabian. Plenty of beautiful work coming from Luxembourg these days ... Thanks to you all!

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  1. Hi, Tomm! I loved Secret of Kells and I am looking forward to Song of the Sea very much. I was wondering if you have ever considered making an animated film based on the ancient heroic stories of Ireland, such as Lugh and Finn McCool. I think that you could make a great action-packed movie about those types of characters. Hollywood only seems to be willing to produce films about Greco-Roman mythology, although Michael Fassbender is planning a movie about CĂș Chulainn. I learned about these heroes in a world mythology class I took in college and I have loved them ever since. There are really some wonderful stories that more people should really discover. I believe that you could do an incredible job in bringing them to life. I look forward to hearing what you think and thank you for your time.


Hi thanks for commenting I really appreciate hearing from readers of the blog