Thursday, April 17, 2014

more sound recording

Here are some photos of Alex and Julien recording more sounds for Reel 2.
Such a  romantic a job compared to most of the film making process which is basically
sitting in a room with computers all day.

Alex went to Brittany to record and even found an old car like Grannys.

I heard Felix's first pass on Reel 1 on Monday, its really sounding great and its amazing to hear Cu barking like a really big English sheepdog instead of the library temp efx we got used to all thru production.
It really gives that a character presence in the movie that he didnt have before this step.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


As sound design continues our Foley artist Julien has send some photos from his studio in Angouleme , France.

I cant wait to hear what he has come up with in Paris next week.

We are reaching the last phases of compositing on the last two reels in Liege and we had a big screen test in Paris last week where we saw some of the first reels  images on the big , big screen.
Everything is there to see on the big screen! Stuff you would never spot on a smaller computer monitor like the really subtle painted textures on the characters and the detailed linework by Adrien and his team on the Bgs.

I'm working now on designing the posters and we are starting to think about possible book publishing deals and other tie in promotional ideas with our partners...exciting times ;-)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sounds of the Sea

Had a lovely day here on the Dingle penisula recording some sounds with our intrepid sound designer Felix Davin. Yesterday he was out and about too while I presented some work in progress clips at the Dingle Film Festival . 
Such a beautiful place - it inspired both Song of the Sea and Puffin Rock many years ago. Cant believe how long its bern since the last visit. 
I think this dip back into the peace and beauty of the westcoast will sustain and inspire us thru the long days in dark rooms doing the sound design and mixing.

Cartoon Movie

Yesterday we presented some clips and a trailer at Cartoon Movie in Lyon . We got a great response which is such a boost in these last crazy days of production.
Today Im going to present it  again in Anima in Brussels and then its off to digital graphics in Liege to help get the last big sequences on track. Then another day in Paris with Colm and Bruno on the music - phew !
Then I meet with Felix one of our sound designers and we will go to Dingle for some field recording next weekend.

Heres Saoirse peeking in on the Cartoon Movie participants .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gkids picks up Song of the Sea

Great to see our news about our North American partners GKids picked up by Variety and Cartoon Brew and several other places online. 

I'm excited to start planning the release with Eric, Dave and team at Gkids over the coming months as we finish production.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A week of music and magic.

I Just wanted to share a few snaps and thoughts from the past weeks recording.
I think 99% of its there now with just maybe a few last things to do before the mix.

Next weekend Ill be in Sofia for the recording of the orchestra which is really exciting.
Im already dreaming about the next project - its a pity somehow that they take so long to get to this stage .

Watching and hearing the musicians playing is magical thing for me , I realise how special and collabrative the filmmaking process is.

After The Secret of Kells I toyed with the idea that Song of the Sea could be a comic that I could make either alone or with a small team. 

But the story was about music at its heart and I knew it had to be an animated film , the music is such an important part of the story , the tone and the atmosphere and much of the emotional impact is carried by the music.

The collabration between Bruno and Kila has been even more enmeshed this time around , I am excited to see it all mixed and edited with the visuals over the coming months.

Bruno listening to the song of the sea.

Jean Phillipe waiting to play his part.

Rossa plays Spud the Fairys part in the fairy fort sequence.

Rossa has an amazing collection of percussion and sound makers , even a set of ancient bones from
viking times that he plays.

We recorded in the beautiful setting of Pickering Forest where Kila have recorded most of their albums .. A really fascinating place full of history abd character.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My official portrait

Heres Brian from Kila who was once an assitant animator in Disney Paris doing a very flattering portrait of me in my new computer - next door an amazing cacophany of percussion is happening