Monday, November 10, 2014

LA Story

I've been here only a week and it's been just amazing so far. We had a great US premiere in the Egyptian Theatre yesterday , so fun - and another screening at Manns Chinese Theatre on Wednesday at 6.45 - tickets are free and available on the Afi website so please do join us if you are in the area :-)

I was part of a Hollywood Reporter Rond table with Jorge Gutierrez and Travis Knight ,Bonnie Arnold , Dan Lin and Don Hall. It was good fun and really an honour to be at the table with such seasoned and talented filmmakers. I am always tickled by the fact that our budgets are so far apart - for example - Jorges beautiful Book of Life is considered low budget at 50 million ! That's almost ten times the budget of Song of the Sea - so it's really special to be counted as part of the top oscar contenders despite that disparity .

I was at the Academy's Governors awards ceremony as well where I was amazed to have the chance to shake hands with Toshio Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki! I met so many other great animation directors and filmmakers  as well -John Lasseter , Pete Docter and Dean DeBlois graham annabelle and Anthony Satchi , Phil Lord and Chris Miller as well as Don Hall and Chris Williams - but meeting Miyazaki will be a lifetime  highlight for me I think , I was so glad to get chance to thank him for his films and all the inspiration he has given us .

Here's a selfie from the night - 

There were loads of movie stars and stuff there too but honestly who cares about that when you are in the presence of a legend like Miyazaki.

 Paul and I said to John Lasseter how great it was to see beautiful 2d animation celebrated by the academy and he just responded by giving us both a high five 


What a night! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

London calling

After a great North American premiere in Toronto we have the European premiere in London this weekend.
I'm really looking looking forward to it as some of the cat will be there and it will be in Great to watch it with a more local audience ... The reviews so far from Toronto have been encouraging so I'm hopeful uk audiences and critics will enjoy it as much as the North American audiences. 
Here's me in Toronto ... I'll be on the road soon promoting and screening the film across North America and France as well as planned screenings in Doha , New Zealand , Rome and more ! This is the time we all worked towards and it's hard to believe it's finally here ! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cartoon Saloon Hits SoCal...

Thanks for the intro, Tomm!

Hi everyone, I'm Jamie Kezlarian Bolio -- Cartoon Saloon's Representative in the US for Business Development, PR and Marketing...

I have been working with the guys since the very beginning of  the grassroots movement & promotion of KELLS in 2009 -- and was beyond thrilled to be offered an official gig with The Saloon about this time last year.

I am happy to help Tomm out with his blog  --  so below please find a post about our great trip to Comic-Con and around Los Angeles at the end of this past July.

Cartoon Saloon Hits SoCal with Sneak Peeks and Book Signings...

Cartoon Saloon co-founders, Tomm Moore & Paul Young came to SoCal last week for a whirlwind of events at Comic-Con and in Los Angeles.

Tomm (Director - THE SECRET OF KELLS, SONG OF THE SEA) & Paul (Producer - THE SECRET OF KELLS, SONG OF THE SEA) arrived on the 23rd of July - just in time for us to head off for a full 4 days at Comic-Con (& meet a friend for margaritas!).

From Thursday thru Saturday, the guys had book signings at Stuart Ng's booth - and each day, the line had to be capped in order to get through all of the patrons...

  And inscribe each book with a little drawing.

We even had a lovely Aisling cosplayer...

And a load of very special, highly gifted guests who came by to purchase a book...


Friday, we also had a panel - a sneak peek of Cartoon Saloon's next film, SONG OF THE SEA (due for release later in the year).

A full house!

So many friends and colleagues came by to catch the panel...

Thank you to Stuart Ng and his merry band of outstanding helpers...

And to Comic-Con (and Laura J.)  for helping make our time in San Diego run smoothly and efficiently.
We had a brilliant time...!!

We returned to LA on Sunday for a host of events...

Monday we had another great signing & reception at The Animation Guild in Burbank...

We had lovely fruit & pasteries from PORTO's and displayed some of Cartoon Saloon's custom-framed SECRET OF KELLS limited edition prints...

(...which can be purchased via Cartoon Saloon's link below.)

At each event, Tomm got started on the drawings hours in advance to try and get ahead of the line.

Each person continued receiving beautiful drawings from both Tomm & Paul...

And the guys appreciated the time they spent with each new friend...

There was even a group who started lining up at 2pm - we were so happy to have them...

We also had some old friends stop by...
Pam helped us out on KELLS and she and her sons (pictured here with Tomm) are such huge supporters of The Saloon.
Was great to see her.

And a lovely young girl named Nicole whose wonderful dad took the day off of work to drive up from San Diego to have her book signed...(!!XO!!)

As she is a minor, I thought twice about posting their photo - but we were incredibly thrilled to meet them.  Thank you both for your support and tenacity!

We are so grateful to The Animation Guild for permitting us to use the meeting room.

On Tuesday we had yet another panel, book signing and a reception hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood and Woodbury University.

 More delicious Porto's (Uncle Ed's and for the vegans)!

And more great talent came out to see us...!!

If you haven't had a chance to see MOONE BOY - it is a fantastic series out of Ireland which you can see on HULU. One of its very gifted writers, Kilkenny-native Nick Murphy (L), came by to lend his support & say hello... The series has animation done by Cartoon Saloon and stars (creator & co-writer) Chris O Dowd and (one of the stars of SONG OF THE SEA) David Rawle. Check out the series - it is HYSTERICAL!   

Everyone was so very patient - as Tomm & Paul continued to do such wonderful drawings in each book...

If you weren't able to join us (we will soon repost the broadcast via the Cartoon Saloon site), you may purchase DESIGNING THE SECRET OF KELLS directly from Stuart Ng Books:

Thank you to ASIFA-Hollywood, Stuart Ng Books, Woodbury University, Woodbury's IT Dept (Brandon & crew) - and Jonathan at Cartoon Saloon for helping us live-stream the event -- and to all of the ASIFA chapters worldwide and to the fans of Cartoon Saloon for joining us during the live broadcast...!!

[Dori, Woodbury's Chair of Animation (L) & Steven Ng of Stuart Ng books]

[Brandon, Woodbury's IT]

And a special thanks to the Woodbury students (Christian, Emily & Zare) who helped out - and to our dear Emma Claire.
[SONG OF THE SEA'S Consulting Editor, Darren Holmes & Emma Claire]

We were so lucky to have you all.

On Wednesday we were invited to DreamWorks to share the sneak peek with both the Glendale campus and the Redwood City campus at PDI...

And sign books for their amazing crew including Donnachada Daly, Marek Kochout, Kevin Lima, Dominique Louis, Christophe Lautrette and Cinzia Angelini.

What a treat it was for us...

Thank you for always welcoming us, DreamWorks...!!

We headed off to meet some other tremendously gifted Irish friends at Lightstorm, working on AVATAR [Colbert Fennelly (L) and Richie Baneham (C)].
We really appreciate that they squeezed us in...
HOLY MOLY -- what an incredibly inspiring afternoon!  

We topped the last evening off with a truly lovely, peaceful vegan meal with our dear friend Roger (THE LION KING, KAHLIL GIBRAN'S THE PROPHET).

The perfect end to a really great (crazy, busy) week...
It is amazing how quickly these 8 days have gone...

We thank all of our friends, colleagues, and Cartoon Saloon fans who came out to see us...

We had a truly wonderful time...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing a new Blogger

Hi there,

So the promotional work has begun , I'm just back from a whirlwind trip of Southern California where we showed some sneak peek clips of the finished film and did a short making of presentation at ComicCon , for Asifa Hollywood and in Dreamworks Animation Studios.

Jamie K. Bolio is our US representative and helped organise the whole trip.
I've asked Jamie to start blogging here as well  help me keep the blog up to date with our adventures in the US.

We are beginning to plan the US release with our distribution partners Gkids and they will likely soon have a Facebook page dedicated to the US release , but we hope to keep all information cross posted here and have an official website for the film live very soon.

But this blog will continue to be an informal behind the scenes insight into the making of and now the promotion of an independent animated feature film.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finishing touches.

There is something very discombobulating about finishing a project that has been gestating for so many years.
My son was beginning secondary school when I began working on this project, this week he did his final years exams.
Animation is a glacial process ,where we have time to carefully craft every aspect in slow motion and yet it seems to whiz by all too fast and in the end the schedule and budget must be respected and we have to draw a line somewhere.

Yesterday Paul , Colm and I worked with Ben and Marie on the final mix of the last reels.
We still were making adjustments, improvements and trying things out  up to the very last minute.
Someone once said we don't really finish films, we just release them.
For me as a co-producer as well as a director its especially hard to let go, but I am well aware that there's a point where money and time run out and we have to wrap up.

I didn't sleep much last night as I still keep getting ideas or little doubts about things we could still maybe improve, but its time to let go.
The film works and I think it actually works really, really well.
The culmination of so many talented peoples work and passion for the project has led to something far, far greater than I ever imagined at the beginning of this journey.

So as the international mixes are being done, and the lab works on the film prints and DCPs over the next    weeks I'll be trying to let go and focus on new horizons.
Then we will go back to Paris one more time to check the prints and the DCP and it will be a wrap!

Here are some photos from the past days at the mix taken by Marie Doyeux - one of the mixing artists.